How to Write a Book Course

Learn how to write your non-fiction book or memoir, taught by 4x NYTimes Bestselling Author Tucker Max.

The How to Write a Book course has two distinct tracks: one for those who want to write a non-fiction book, and one for a memoir.

Format: Self Directed Course
Duration: 2-4 Weeks
Time: Varies
Price: Free

Non-Fiction Book Course
This course is if you’re writing a business, personal development, self-help, or how-to book. Most people use this course.

Non-Fiction Course Details

Memoir Course
This course if you’re writing about personal stories, an autobiography, or a family legacy book.

Memoir Course Details

If you are unsure which writing course is right for you, watch this video.

Course Outcomes

  • Know how to position, structure, outline, and edit a non-fiction book
  • Overcome the common author fears
  • Develop a book writing plan to create momentum
  • Polish your book with Scribe’s 3-step editing process

Inside the Non-Fiction Book Course

You’ve committed to write your book. You’ve also found the best course possible to help you. Now it’s time to understand what is coming and prepare for your journey.

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Non-Fiction Course Contents

• 16 video lessons
• 14+ supplemental readings
• 5 templates
• Free copy of The Scribe Method book

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Non-Fiction Course Lessons

Decision Phase

1. Should You Write a Book?
2. What Kind of Book Should You Write (Non-fiction or Memoir)?

Preparation Phase

3. Fear Solving
4. The Non-Fiction Book Journey
5. How to Research Your Non-Fiction Book

Execution Phase

6. Positioning: Explanation
7. Positioning: Book Objectives
8. Positioning: Book Audience
9. Positioning: Book Idea
10. Positioning: North Star Check
11. Outlining: Book Structure and Chapter Outlines
12. Outlining: The Introduction
13. Outlining: The Conclusion
14. Book Writing Plan
15. Write Your Book
16. Edit Your Book

Inside the Memoir Course

In this video, we’ll address the first thing most people think about when considering a memoir: what would happen if I actually published it? We walk you through the implications of that and how to deal with it.

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Memoir Course Contents

• 10 video lessons
• 14+ supplemental readings
• 5 templates
• Free copy of The Scribe Method book

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Memoir Course Lessons

Decision Phase

1. Should You Write a Book?
2. What Kind of Book Should You Write (Non-fiction or Memoir)?

Preparation Phase

3. The Big Memoir Question: Should You Publish it or Not?
4. Truth & Your Memoir
5. The Memoir Journey

Execution Phase

6. Uncover Your Memoir
7. Outline Your Memoir
8. Memoir Writing Plan
9. Write Your Memoir
10. Edit Your Memoir

Your Course Instructor

Tucker Max

4x NYTimes Bestselling Author

  • 20+ years as a professional writer
  • 9 books published
  • 4 New York Times Bestsellers, including 3 hitting #1, and 3 books on the NYTimes Non-Fiction list at the same time
  • 4.5+ million books sold
  • Has helped authors like Tim Ferriss, Peter Thiel, Seth Godin, Tiffany Hadish, David Goggins, Dave Asprey, and many more.
  • Created the Scribe process used by 1,800+ authors to write, publish, and market their books

Loved by Authors Across the Globe

“I tuned in every single day, and I’m amazed that you guys made it no-bullshit, straightforward, value-driven, and no upsells—I just love it. I want to tell you, quite frankly, out of all the free classes I’ve done in my life, this was the best training program I’ve ever done. I can’t wait to tell people about this. It’s just amazing. Thank you so much.”

Jimmy Naraine
Winner of Udemy’s Innovation Award

“Almost halfway through #BookSchool. Tucker Max and the team at Scribe Media have helped two of my favorite humans write their books. Excited to see what comes out of me.

PS. They have put together one heck of a training… so much content that I’ll have to rewatch it more than once. Bravo.”

Jenae Lyn

“Sat through a 5-hr online course as part of my #bookschool today @scribemediaco. I could have listened forever! Can’t wait for more! Now, I just have to open the dusty vault (which is my brain) and finish hashing out all my thoughts into print. This is so inspiring and exciting!”

Fabi Tempio-Hillier

“If you are finally, or secretly, wanting to write your book then @scribemediaco will ease your process, clarify your why, and offer the keys to your outcome! AMAZING team contributing now for free to all of us Authors.”

Tatiana Dudyez

“Deep into @scribemediaco’s #BookSchool. Yesterday’s class moved me leaps and bounds on my next book project in a way I could not have imagined. And it’s free!”

Julie Bestry

“It’s never late to learn something new! #bookschool classes @scribemediaco are eye-openers! Great knowledge sharing by @TuckerMax and midnight learning was super fun. More power to Scribe Tribe!

Shruthi Sharma

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Why is Scribe Book School Free?

You get what you pay for, right? Not here.

We believe everyone on earth has a story to tell and knowledge to share, and their wisdom should be put in a book so their legacy and their impact on others won’t be lost. Especially the people who can’t afford our services (which range from $15k to $125k+).

Everyone should have access to the exact same information as anyone else, so their books can be just as professional as the people who can pay for our services. That’s our mission, and with the uncertainty in the world, it’s even more important now than before.

People need the tools to be able to take their destiny into their own hands, and we can help by teaching you everything you need to know to write your book, right now.

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